A 48 hour code competition for PHP developers.

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How does it work?

You will have 48 hours in which to code a web based application using PHP, the function of the app is entirely up to you and can be based around anything.
You can enter in teams of one to five people, each member of the team must have a GitHub account (this is where you will push your code to, and we will provide a private repo for each team courtesy of one of our sponsors, GitHub).

We will also supply each team a VPS for you to host the application (courtesy of another great sponsor, Linode). The web app must be hosted in this VPS, and the SSH key we put in there must remain in place. This is purely to allow us to carry out various verification processes during the competition and judging phase. More details will be given before the competition starts.

At the end of the 48 hours your entry will be judged, there are a few things it will be judged on, but the overall scores will be combined into a single list, the winners being of course the entries with the highest score.
This means that although having a well designed front-end will earn you points in one category, it won't help you out in others.
We are currently looking to judge based on;

  • 'Presentation' (how it looks and feels)
  • 'Functionality' (what it does)
  • 'Quality' (how well the code is structured)
  • 'Stability' (does it run without problems?)

With our judges specialising in different areas (and multiple judges in each area too).
You could of course focus on a few of those items, we are not expecting any team to score perfectly in all categories, it's only 48 hours after all!


We already have a bunch of prizes lined up, but we are making the list truly aweseome before we reveal it to you.

Not a PHP dev?

There is still room for you here, Layout designers? HTML+CSS dev? Join a team with some PHP devs and work on making their beautiful code, beautiful in the browser too!


The main venue will be in the UK (in the London area), however you can enter from anywhere.
We will supply each team with a private GitHub repo, and it doesn't matter where you are sitting when you git push.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, then we would love to talk to you. Drop us an E-mail to sponsors@punchoutphp.com.

More Information

There is a lot more to tell you about, so please signup to our updates, or follow us on one of the social networks we are on, or just check back here from time to time.

The basics

PunchoutPHP is a web application development competition, you will be tasked with creating an application, accesible from a browser.
You will have 48 hours to write code, markup and create assets and build something great.
In the time leading up to the competition, you can plan for your application with your team (or just you if that's how you roll), you can draw wireframes and create mockups, but be sure to read the rules to ensure you aren't doing anything that could cause disqualification, that would make us all sad :(


Failure to adhere to any of the rules will result in disqualification, so if you aren't sure about something, ask.

Your application must be developed using a version of PHP >= 5.3.3
You will have 48 hours to develop your application, but you can prepare in advance. You may work on concepts, but not write code, you can create wireframes and mockups, but not create the actual layouts.
Team size
Teams may consist of one to five people, and each person must have an active GitHub account.
Each team will be given a Linode VPS in which they must host their web app. We will have an SSH key in the VPS that must remain in place to allow certain verification processes to take place during the competition and judging phases.
Each team will be given a private GitHub repo, and you must push your commits to GitHub throughout the competition. We will be monitoring the activity of the repo before, during and after the competition to ensure you are only commiting when you should be.
Third party libs
You are allowed to use libraries and frameworks (in fact, we encourage you to use libraries and frameworks), and you can use any third party assets that allow use in the form of this contest. You may not however enlist people or services on a paid basis. Everything you use must be publicly available to everyone.
Everything you write for this competition is yours, and you are free to do what you want with it. Open source it, make a paid service out of it, delete it, whatever. We will have access to the code, but this is only used for judging purposes. We do however reserve the right to use your application name, and it's likeness in promotion and advertising of this and future events.